Frequently Ask Questions

Our Laboratories actively contributes to the protection of health and the Quality-of-Life of our Environment. This mission continues by efficiently producing the highest quality data possible, Expanding the Knowledge, Expertise and Skills of our personnel, Co-operating with all Agencies, Groups and Individuals interested in achieving these same goals.

Our Laboratories performs Chemical and Microbiological Examinations or Determinations on Soil, Animal Feeds and Forage, Fertilizer, Food & Food Product, Water of all Forms, Waste Water, Petroleum Fuels, Coal & Coke, Hazards Waste, Mineral & Ores. We are also performs ambient Air Monitoring, Stack Monitoring, Noise Monitoring.

Yes, we will analyze most sample types for the general public on a fee basis. The kind of testing performed would be similar to that performed on regulatory samples utilizing the same methods.

You may contact the laboratory by Phone, E-mail, Website or Social Sites like Facebook, WhatsApp.

Our Laboratories does not collect any of the samples analyzed in the laboratory but customer prior inform us regarding collection of sample, Our Laboratories give plan for collection the sample depending on nature & type of the sample. Samples are collected by the Department, Agency, Firm or Individual submitting the sample for analysis. Our Laboratories can provide information on sampling and in some cases will provide sample containers. All first time sample submitters should contact the laboratory prior to sample collection and shipment to ensure Laboratory capability, sample requirements and schedules.

Samples can be delivered directly to the lab in shipped by bus, Mail, Courier or any other service to OUR LABORATORIES, MIG (S)-14, Phase-II, Near NCC Office, Kabir Nagar, Raipur, Chhattisgarh (C.G.) - 492099. Depending on the type of sample and/or analyses, you may have to ship samples overnight. The laboratory pays to send you sampling materials, if required, but you are responsible for the return charges. A minimum suggested sample size for most testing is 250-500 grams. Clearly label all of your samples with your Identification No./Code along with letters. It is highly recommended that perishable items to be sent overnight packed with cooler blocks or dry ice. Laboratory cannot be held responsible for samples received in a compromised manner.

Samples should be shipped in their natural state. If it is a frozen product - ship it frozen; if it is a refrigerated product - ship it refrigerated; if it is a shelf stable product - ship it as it would be stored on the shelf. Secure each food sample in its own container and seal completely to prevent leakage. Samples that are normally refrigerated or frozen should be shipped in a cooler with dry ice or frozen ice packs placed under, around and on top of the sample shipped for next day arrival. Label each sample individually with the identification that you would like included on the final report. Enclose a letter with the sample ID’s. Samples sent for Microbiology, or both Chemistry and Microbiology, should be marked for General Microbiology). Please inform us if you need rush analysis in advance so that we can prepare for the sample arrival. Call us if you would like to discuss the specific analyses that you need, or you can e-mail a list and we can prepare a quote before you call.

Our receiving hours are 9.30am ~ 5:00pm Monday ~ Saturday.
Sundays are holiday.

Our Laboratories goal is to have 95% of all samples completed within 15 days of receipt. If you have special requirements, contact the laboratory prior to sample collection and submission.

Our Laboratories reported the result in own registered formats or as per customer's requirements. Results can also be emailed, faxed and/or mailed to you. If you are sending multiple samples and need separate reports, please indicate it on your letter.

Unless otherwise notified, all analyses are performed as per BIS, ASTM, EPA, AOAC, FASSI, AACC, APHA/AWWA, EN, BAM, PAM, FDA, and USDA, EPA and or other such testing procedures as deemed applicable for our clients needs.

Volume discounts may be available when large numbers of samples are submitted for the same test at the same time. Our Department Managers will be happy to assist you with more information about discounts.

Our Laboratories offers a wide range of chemical, microbiological, Environmental Monitoring & Calibration of equipment & glassware and Technical Consultancy for different fields making it impractical to list all tests on our website. Call or email us to request any assay you are unable to locate. If we can’t meet your needs, we will gladly suggest other laboratories that might be able to fulfill your request. We also may, with your acknowledgment, subcontract certain tests when we can meet most, but not all, of your needs.

Hard copies of all raw data are maintained in storage for at least three years. Electronic copies of final reports will also be retained.

Our Laboratories considers quality control and quality assurance an integral part of customer satisfaction and one of the most important aspects of our business. We are proud of our reputation as one of the best independent testing laboratory in the country and work hard everyday to give you results you can count on. We have an independent QA/QC department that ensures our proficiency; methodology and quality are at the highest level possible.

With the exception of our lab tech position, which requires an associate’s degree, all other professional positions require at least a bachelor’s degree and one year of experience. Typically, the lab is looking for scientists with degrees in Science (Analytical chemistry/Environmental Chemistry) and microbiology or closely related degrees requiring significant course work in Analytical chemistry/Environmental Science or microbiology. Mathematics and physics coursework is also heavily considered when evaluating applicants.

In the lab business, it is often said that you get what you pay for. If you are looking for reliable data you can trust, then you won’t regret your decision to choose us. We offer many additional value added services that the competition simply can’t afford to, including excellent project management, fast turnaround times, and responsiveness to questions and requests.

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